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The figurine of the Alab Angel Holding Baby is one of your choices as a best seller for African American Angel Figurines Gift. This elegant angel with white wings and a pink dress cradles an adorable baby lovingly in her arms, making the perfect gift for a mother or expecting mom. While the Angel with Sleeping Child figurine displays  a guardian angel with a wide wing spread who lovingly watches over a child deep in slumber. Look at the Guardian Angel Baby in Cradle figurine, it is a touching sculpture with a radiant guardian angel kneeling beside the cradle of a sleeping infant, protecting it from harm. Select one of the Black / African American Male Angel Gifts as a special gfits for the men in your life. Each male angel is symbolic of a heavenly angel protecting the people and the world in its own way.

Admire the Graceful Alab Angel with Stars angel. She is clad in a gown made of a starry midnight sky! We have other guardian angel figurines for your enjoyment.

Looking for Black Male Angels, look no further. You will find them here. You will find the Arch Angels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.  Purchase one for a friend or family member. These make especially great gifts for both male and female or for someone who is looking for a guardian angel figurine to which they relate.

Alab. Cherub Figurine Candleholders -  On these heavenly candle holders, each winged cherub holds forth a torch topped by a glass hurricane lamp. If you want to see other  Angel Candleholders.

The Cherub Oil Warmers shows tiny thoughtful angels sitting on a classically designed base while oil fills the air with sweet-smelling scents. Enjoy other Angel Oil Warmers.
The Last Supper Oval Plaque is one of the African American items gathered on ChristianWareOnline. To enjoy other plaques

There is a gift here for every occasion and for every person. Look at the Heavenly Virtues Angels: Joy, Peace, Love, and Patience. They are very admirable with each showing a side that most folks feel that they want or need. Having one of these angels around will help serve as a reminder that With God ALL things are possible.

Need an all encompassing angel, buy the Golden Open Armed Angel. They come in two sizes - 9 inches and 13 inches high. You decide which to order for your decoration.


Black / African American Angel Figurines

Black / African American Angel Figurines

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Pew: Deacon's Board in white 4"Hx6"W Pew: Deacon's Board in white 4"Hx6"W
Amber Angel in yellow 12"H Amber Angel in yellow 12"H
Angel Band: Ester Angel Band: Ester
Angel Band: Grace Angel Band: Grace
Angel Band: Harmony Angel Band: Harmony
Angel Band: Joy Angel Band: Joy
Angel in Blue w/BabyAngel in Blue w/Baby
Angel in Pink w/BabyAngel in Pink w/Baby
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