Angels and Cherubs Musical Figurines

Musical Angel Figurines and Cherub Figurines

The lovely Butterfly Angel Musical Jewelry Box will give a young one many hours of protective music. This keepsake has a tiny ballerina  whrling and twirling as the "Brahm's Lullaby" echos with comfort. 

The Musical Guardian Angel figurine has its focus echoing "Amazing Grace" while its guardian angel protects the children with it gown of arm spread wide.

"You Light Up My Life" is the tune playing on the Musical Serenity Prayer book. 

The Nature's Angel Musical Snowglobe plays "Amazing Grace" with an angel strolling beside a bubbling brook  as snow falls and  her furry friends playfully follows.

After you have shopped on this page, take a look at the guardian angel page. There are enough gifts here to shop for yourself as well as your friends and family. Love the special aroma of  your favorite candle, take a look at our angel oil warmers

Music for the Angels

Music for the Angels

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