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At Christianware Online we offer an outstanding selection of gifts for believers, symbols of faith and devotion including angel figurines and cherub figurines for collectors, believers and others and angel birthstone giftsBibles, crosses and crucifixes, Christian jewelry, candles, candleholders, oil warmers and other devotional items to sooth the mind, warm the heart, lift the spirit, and feed the soul. 

Sit back, unwind and enjoy yourself as you surf through our site. You will find many comforts just glazing at the elegant figurines. You can click on the figurines to enlarge them. They are as fine as they look and precious and they make marvelous gifts.

So many times, we have gone to a website only to find the content not exactly for the entire family. Since we like computers and shopping online, we felt it was a good time to offer goods and products on a site where you do not need to sheild the eyes of our little ones or of our growing youth. We keep it good and clean. You won't need to monitor your children here, we are family based.

The Ware in the Christianware Online stands for warehouse of items. We decided to offer a variety of gifts from home and decor to clothing and electronics to fulfill your shopping needs. Make sure you visits the New Arrivals page. As our store grows, you will see what is being added.



Christianware Online - owned by Christians.
Browse our pages and get the inspiration to give your friends and family gifts. Use your creative senses and picture these gifts in your homes, offices, churches and other place. Enjoy the benefites of giving while adding joy, beauty and elegance to your surroundings and those of your loved ones.

Thanks for shopping with Christianware Online!  Enjoy your pleasant shopping experience. 

 We aim to please and to accomodate you. If there are items which you are looking for but you do not see, send us an email or call and we will try to get it for you.

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