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These guardian angel figurines are perfect for your home. Guardian angels can come in many shapes and forms. Most of us can remember a time when something was not going right or you were concerned about a child or loved one. We can also remember that we knew there was someone with us helping us or protecting your loved ones, or just comforting us in a time of need. I am sure this has happened on more then one occasion to each of us.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a figurine in one of your favorite places to remind you that someone is looking out for you. Here you will find just what you are looking for. There are guardian angels protecting and keeping watch over your children, family, and friends, praying angels, candle holder angels, wall plaques angels, picture frames angels and many more.

For the guardian angels below, you will find a variety of guardian angel such as ones protecting families. There is a guardian angel protecting a child as the child slumbers peacefully. Feast your eyes upon the family guardian angel clock, this guardian angel watches over a family with an apprentice guardian angel swinging from the pendulum. While you are looking, the fireman's guardian angel night light will illuminate your room. Another illuminated guardian angel is shown below as a candle holder for you; the neutral color is perfect for a room decor.


The guardian angel gift box has an inscription which should warm your soul.

The Guardian Angel
She comforts you both day and night,
always keeping you in her sight.
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
your guardian angel watches over you.


The guardian angel glass tabletop blesses your home while donning her rose-toned robes and flowing ribbons. Guardian angel sun catcher protects children on a beautiful summer day. There is a guardian angel wall clock which depicts a guardian angel keeping watch over two children as they cross a bridge. Reminding you of the time when your children are out of your eyesight that they are being lovingly looked after. 

See the guardian angel wall fountain; it features a mother guardian angel lovingly attending to her child. Whereas, the guardian angel wall plaque has a guardian angel overseeing the travels of two children. The musical guardian angel keeps the children in the protective folds of a guardian angel’s gown as a gentle reminder of god’s protective love. Porcelain guardian angel holding a dove is an elegant angel with dove and rose figurine. The springtime guardian angel clock makes a lovely piece. This pretty pastel guardian angel watches over two fresh-faced tots as they play on their see-saw.

There are more guardian angels located on other pages through out the site, just take a look at the musical angelic figurines, for your listening pleasure. You will find that all guardian angels are not females, perhaps you have a loved one in need of a little reassurance, this strong guardian angel figurine watches over a chlid as he sleeps. Or maybe you are looking for a protective guardian angel candleholder, if so go here. You will find a guardian angel wall plaque, providing a watchful atmosphere for children. 

Guardian Angel Figurines

Guardian Angel Figurines

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