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We have a variety of bible cases and totes. They are functional and they look good. The Angel Ornamented Bible Satchel is black with a pewter angel on the side of it. It has five compartments. The middle compartment can be used to hold your bible and pens as well as a writing pad. On either side of the middle compartment is a side compartment with a zipper where you can store things securely. The very outside compartment of the bible case can be used to hold papers, or other items. The Black Cross Charm Tote and the Pink Cross Charm Tote are the perfect cases for a larger bible. Each one has a zippered outer pocket with a lining. Then check out the Thomas Kinkade Bible Case Cover. Each has a bible verse, the black edge cover quotes Psalm 18:2 and the pink toned case quotes Psalm 16:11.  To accent your bible and to provide a meaningful gift for you and others, purchase a bible book mark - they come in silver plate or gold plate.

The area also sports activity books and coloring books for the youth. See the bible story tray puzzles for ages 3 and up. There are Heroes of America books for the young to enjoy.

Inspirational Books ends come in the form of Cherubs and butterflies.


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