1. Have you ever been helped by an angel? By now you should have been gone, but God has been there to protect you and to keep you from hurt, harm and danger. I know it must have been God watching over things or perhaps he sent one of his angels to protect and shield you.

    I have seen this so many time during my daily travels on the highway - tire blow outs, folks on the cell phone, reading while driving, texting on cells, makeup applications, hair combing, speeding, etc. What protects those folks and what protects you from those folks as you are traveling?

    No weapons formed against you shall prosper.

  2. Feel free to give us your angel experience. Since angels can come in human forms, your experience does not have to be about just angels. Maybe you have a good Samaritan story that you wish to share with us. Some times these stories are about what made another feel good or what made you feel appreciative.

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